Ruby and Ruby on Rails

"Destination unknown"

Why Ruby?

If I'm being honest, I had a hard time choosing a main language. I have dabbled in different languages before, such as C++ and Java, but they never really clicked with me. I felt I was spending too much time worrying about memory leaks or escaped semi-colons when I should be actually coding. To cut a long story short, ruby is actually my birthstone so I decided to try Ruby out. I found it's syntax easy to remember and it is phenomenally easy to read.

What have you done in Ruby?

Check out my GitHub's Ruby page and see for yourself. I'm currently working on my first RubyGem, called Kantan-Blog.

Why Rails?

As an ever curious little bunny, I enjoy dipping my finger into as many (technology-based) pies as possible. With software developing in Ruby and wanting to go more into web development, Rails seemed the natural choice. I find making websites in Rails much more enjoyable than any other method.

What have you done in Rails?

Well, for starters, this site! I first made it as a little project and it grew and grew. It uses only a handful of gems. The Twitter Bootstrap Rails gem takes care of the theme, Postmarkdown allows me to blog in Markdown, and soon I will incorporate CodeRay for beautiful syntax highlighting.

Developing in Rails is certainly an interesting experience. I love the community and there is always a handy gem or two out there for any of your needs. One thing you may notice is that you are constantly learning when developing in Rails. When you create a PHP website, you mainly use PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In Rails you have Ruby files, ERB, HAML, Slim, CoffeeScript, and code-based data modelling. You can certainly get most of these into other languages or frameworks, but these ones are very simple to set up in a Rails app.