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"My sister owns a computer shop at the seaside. She sells C shells by the sea shore"

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Who are you?

I'm a little nerd from the North of England. I moved to Japan for 2 years where I taught English somewhere in-between reading manga and coding. I have since relocated to Auckland, New Zealand, with my wifey. My impressions so far is that there's a lot of sheep here...

Seriously, how did you get in here?

Details are for later, friend. On an unrelated note, you should lock your doors more securely.

What can you do?

Besides being prone to short bursts of laughter over grammatically challenged cats, I also enjoy making things using Ruby. I chose to learn Ruby because it was my birthstone. I also love using Python, which I find to be much more robust, but Ruby is much easier to code in. I love problem solving, even with things that seemingly make no sense. Not being bound to "logic" can be a plus.

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